DELUXE پروژه در محموتلار, آلانیا

DELUXE پروژه در محموتلار, آلانیا

DELUXE پروژه در محموتلار, آلانیا

محمودلار, آلانیا / آنتالیا, Türkiye

برای فروش, دارایی های سرمایه گذاری, پروژه


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Our new project The Cozy Residence is the epitome of a joyful life on the Mediterranean coast. The Cozy Residence is located in Alanya – the city that is called the pearl of the Turkish Riviera, in the Mahmutlar region, which is the most actively developing and investment attractive. This area is notable for its subtropical climate which is perfect for health. The friendly gentle sun, the Mediterranean Sea, fresh sea breeze and healing mountain air, majestic mountains and sandy beaches – there is everything you need for a good holiday or a permanent living!

The Cozy Residence consists of one residential block and 70 apartments of various layouts. Lightness and grace of lines, elegant and modern decor are the basis of the architectural appearance of the project, which development was carried out by the leading architect of the region. We have been thinking of every detail: the residential complex is distinguished by functional and convenient layouts of apartments, the high quality of the construction and finishing materials, and the extensive facilities available for the residents.

Apartments’ specifications:

  • Ceiling height is 2,85 m;
  • The apartments will be delivered with fully finishing;
  • Stainless steel entrance door, american panel interior doors;
  • Stylish and functional kitchen cupboards, granite worktop;
  • تجهیزات حمام با کیفیت بالا;
  • کابین دوش;
  • دو لعاب پی وی سی پنجره;
  • سرامیک / laminate floors;
  • کاشی و سرامیک غیر لغزنده در حمام و بالکن;
  • دکمه تماس آسانسور در apatments ؛
  • سیستم مخابره داخل ساختمان;
  • اینترنت و IP سوکت تلویزیون;

از امکانات این مجموعه شما را با تنوع آن آشنا خواهد کرد! وجود دارد:

  • استخر
  • استخر کودکان
  • استخر با اسلاید آب
  • استخر گرم داخل سالن با استخر کودکان و jakuzzi
  • سالن ورزش
  • حمام
  • حمام بخار فنلاندی
  • اتاق بخار
  • استراحت منطقه
  • مساحت سالن
  • نوار لابی
  • Barbeque
  • زمین بازی بچه ها
  • کودکان سرپوشیده اتاق
  • باغ و منظره استخر
  • پارکینگ ماشین باز هوا
  • سرپرست
  • سیستم های امنیتی دوربین
  • نیروگاه برق
  • سیستم های ماهواره ای


The Cozy Residence is located in Alanya’s Mahmutlar area, in a quiet and peaceful area with a sea and mountain view, surrounded by greenery.

Distance to the sea: 840 متر

Distance to the shops, restaurants: 500 متر

Distance to Mahmutlar center: 2 کیلومتر

Distance to Alanya center: 12 کیلومتر

Distance to Gazipaşa airport: 25 کیلومتر


50.750€ – 1+1(60m2)

57.750€ – 2+1(105m2)

121.750€ – 3+1 duplex(155m2)

151.250€ – 4+1 penthouse(240m2) LAST ONE



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