Investment in Turkey Alanya?

Investment in Turkey Alanya?

Before I start to write this article, I kindly ask for, please read carefully. If you plan to invest in Turkey at Alanya, You must know these articles given below.

1. Are you planning to make an investment to earn money? The right answer is YES!
2. Do you think! I can buy one or two homes in Turkey and sell next year and I can earn money – The answer is YES!
3. I will buy land/plot and sell this land/plot, so you can earn money – Answer is YES!

How I can earn money by making Investment in Turkey Alanya?

1. If you plan for long term investment, example: You buy a home in Turkey and sell this about 5 – 10 years later – Yer you can earn money about %25 – %75. This is up to location
2. If you are going to buy a land/plot in Turkey and wait 3-6 years, you can earn %50 – %250. up to location.
3. If you are developer, construction company, if you build right project in right location in Turkey, same year you can earn %50 – %150. Example You build an apartment complex, it cost 1.000.000 Euro, the selling price of this complex is always 1,500.000 Euro +- 2.500.000.

You should find right consultant and lawyer!

1. Before you start invesment in Turkey, Alanya, Antalya, Kemer, Kas, Fethiye, Bodrum, Marmaris etc, mean in tourism locations, you msut find the right company or consultant
2. Before you start to invest, you should find a good lawyer and make all your contracts between you, lawyer and company or any.
3. Be sure you work legal, you make legal investment, you buy legal land/plot, you build in the right place!